Nassau Group is a specialist in finding and developing Top Talent. We help organisations across the employee lifecycle; attracting, selecting, assessing, developing and transitioning talent.




We believe that a thorough understanding of the complex and unique situation of your organisation today and the skills required in the profile of the leader you are seeking, is key to finding you the right person to strengthen your business for tomorrow.


We assess people for key positions and fine-tune executive teams. Through developing teams and leaders, we pave the way for our clients’ success.
Unlocking potential. Developing capabilities.


Nassau Group offers the building blocks for your strategic and related management issues as succession planning, management development cycles, strategy and workstyle, implementation guidance.


Global minds for global business

We operate in 60+ affiliated offices across 36 countries and 6 continents.


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We are at the heart of challenges and debates on global talent landscapes and the impact in your business.

We help you to see it first from higher ground.


3 Top HR Trends for 2020

We know that the workforce of the future will be different. Weʼre already experiencing dramatic changes in the composition of workers. Baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and beyond millennials, weʼre seeing generation z enter the workforce. As we move towards the majority of workers being digital natives, these tech savvy employees have different […]

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Closer than ever before

The coronavirus crisis is now unfolding fast and merciless in front of our incredulous eyes.  Sadly, we will not be able to avoid the loss of lives and the heartbreaking global human impact of this catastrophic outbreak. There is nothing we can really do to escape its seismic waves as they severely hit markets, industries, […]

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Millennials: Once in a Blue Moon

Red. That’s the colour of a blue moon. A phenomenon. Something that occurs infrequently. Something that takes aeons to come around. Well, 2.7 years, actually. That’s how often you can catch a blue moon. Not so long, really. It also happens to be roughly the amount of time between now and 2023. In the same […]

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